Red Dam

August 15, 2009

Green Dam, the cybersitter-esque software mandated by the PRC for all new PC’s, is no longer so; after a number of policy reversals computers will no longer be required to run it. It’s a bit ironic that it was pushed with ‘think of the children’ in a country that treats internet addiction by kids with electric shock and/or fatal beatings.


#!Crunchbang Linux

January 22, 2009

An interesting new entry in the Ubuntu-based distro world is #!Crunchbang Linux (in both full and lite versions), as well as a version especially for the eeePC that is more than a match for the Netbook Remix from eeebuntu. After having tried eeebuntu, Mandriva 2008 Spring, Windows 7ista (Phail), the default Xandros and now #!Crunchbang, their version is the best fit for the first generation 701 (4G) eeePC. Not the freest mind you, as all the codecs, etc are included (as is the kernel); but if your concern is less purity and more practical, then it is nice to get everything setup in one fairly quick step. Something nice about this version is that returning from sleep gets the wifi network immediately, and the conky running with all the shortcuts to open various apps is a nice touch as well.

Dead Parrot

November 16, 2008

Just another reason to appreciate open source solutions.

Yes We Can

November 5, 2008

And Did.

It Just Gets Better

November 5, 2008

Ubuntu already outperforms Vista. And more devices are supported than in any other OS. But you knew that, right?

Aspire One

November 5, 2008

Very nice review here.

Free At Last

November 5, 2008

From the unwieldy MS :

“This is the part of the Windows Vista backlash that really matters,” said IDC analyst Richard Shim, who had recently seen HP’s Linux mini-laptop. It’s especially notable, he said, that HP and Dell are experimenting with highly visible non-Windows options. “There aren’t that many companies that can afford to invest in this type of development,” and those two are among them.